DevineOne LLC is an independent marketing partner and advisor.  Our primary objective is to provide your organization with strategic marketing solutions that accomplish your specific goals, maximize revenue performance, and move your company forward.

  • Is your business plan collecting dust on the shelf?
  • Are you too busy sitting in meetings and putting out fires all day?
  • Do you have markets you want to grow?
  • Are you maximizing your marketing dollars?
  • Are you losing marketshare?

DevineOne specializes in providing sales and marketing consulting services to travel and leisure organizations:

  • Hospitality-Resorts and Hotels
  • Tourism Destination Marketing Firms
  • Real Estate Communities
  • Spas/Wellness and Fitness Centers
  • Golf Clubs and Courses - private and public
  • Recreation Entities

While businesses today are leaner than ever the marketplace is as competitive as it has ever been.  Creative and measurable sales and marketing strategies can make the difference between an underperforming asset and a successful one.  There are times when it makes sense for an organization to outsource specific projects and gain an outside perspective.

DevineOne provides comprehensive guidance and works both independently and partners with other firms on specific projects.  We are very collaborative and if a specific job requires additional support we have the connections to accomplish the task.  We have hands-on experience in senior leadership roles and as a consultant we work in partnership with each client and their associates to form a strong working relationship.

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